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Providers and Modifiers List box

RBHS Software Updates

Linking the Data File or SQL Data



1)      We added a new provider level but it?s not showing up under the Modifier list box for Diagnostic Assessments or Clinical Notes:

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a)      District Administrator must do the following:

????? 1-Enter the provider level

????? 2-Enter the new billing rate


??? 3-Re-assign the user to the new provider level (in User?s Setup Screen)

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2)      How do I install the application when we?re notified of an updated version of RBHS?

a)      There are 2 choices you can do with RBHS updates to the application:

1.      Keep your previous version by running the setup package so the update installs in a different directory.

2.      Overwrite the previous version by running the setup package so the update installs in the same directory as the previous version.

3.      Steps to install updates:

a)                  Unzip the file into any directory of your choice such as C:\temp or to your desktop

b)                  Click on the .exe file (setup) and the setup process will begin.? You can choose to install the update in a new directory (such as typing ?C:\RBHSnew? or another directory of your choice.? (It is recommended that you do NOT unzip the setup application in the RBHS application folder.)


3)      Linking Data

a)      There are 2 options for linking data (a data file or SQL Server).? Your Administrator and/or IT department will know which version it is.? The DA or IT Dept. will have to tell you what the name of the SQL Server is or what the name/location of the data file is before you can link or re-link RBHS data.

b)      The data file linking setup looks like this:


Enter the location and name of the data file (file name is Rbhsdata.mde)


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c)      The SQL SERVER linking setup looks like this: (see next page)

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